The first bank employees that your customers encounter will make a lasting impression.  Lobby personnel, whether they are CSRs, tellers, or traffic managers, have the most immediate opportunity to create the impression on your customers, and potential customers, of all.  

Employees who can convey helpfulness, friendliness, and interest in solving problems are valuable assets, and our BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEY is an employment test that helps you identify candidates who bring those attitudes to the job.

That's not all!  The BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEY includes self-directed develop-​mental suggestions that your employees can use to strengthen their skills in providing outstanding customer service.

The BANK CUSTOMER SERVICE SURVEY gives you accurate, easy-to-use information about each employee’s or applicant’s potential to produce these positive customer service results:

  • Cross selling the bank’s products and services
  • Turning customer complaints into customer compliments
  • Being friendly and helpful to customers

The Bank Customer Service Survey will:

  • Improve hiring and placement decisions - Evaluate an applicant’s ability to provide outstanding customer service.
  • Save training dollars - Identify applicants and employees most likely to benefit from customer service training.
  • Engage employees in the production of outstanding customer service - Begin an employee’s customer service training with a personal audit of his or her individual customer service strengths and weaknesses.
  • Give supervisors usable, practical customer service tips - Customize each employee’s training to what he or she needs to improve on in order to provide better customer service.
  • Save time and money in the selection process: The Bank Customer Service Survey is administered over the Internet by our SSL-secured server and it takes only 10-15 minutes to complete – 10-15 minutes of the applicant’s time, not yours!  The Bank Customer Service Survey can be administered in either English or Spanish.
  • Results reports are delivered within minutes by email directly to your designated recipients.
  • FREE training and FREE Telephone user support - For your hiring managers, trainers and supervisors, at no additional cost!


Two reports are delivered by email within minutes of the completion of the Bank Customer Service Survey:

1. Results Report - Make better hiring and placement decisions by learning:
  • Overall customer service potential
  • A rating in each of the three critical attitude areas that drive good customer service:
    • Cross selling orientation
    • Complaint handling orientation
    • Friendliness

The results are verified by our unique Reality √ Technology which analyzes and corrects the degree to which a test-taker tries too hard to “look good.”  You can be sure that the Results Report detects and corrects the test-taker's attempts to answer questions only in a positive way!

2. Development Guide

The Development Guide is intended for the person who completed the Bank Customer Service Survey. It can be used as the first step in training the newly hired or placed employee about how to provide outstanding customer service because it takes that person’s answers to the Bank Customer Service Survey and turns them into personalized tools, tips, and techniques that will improve performance in each of the three customer service areas! And, it answers the question, “How did I do on that test?”

What gets written down, gets done!  The Development Report also includes an Action Plan so that the employee can begin at once to practice those specific behaviors that are need to improve his or her customer service!

For less than $10 per person, you can begin immediately to include objective, job-relevant, and valid information in your selection and hiring process for all bank employees who have customer contact!