RELY TESTS measure basic work ethic -- attitudes toward and admissions about punctuality, attendance, and showing initiative on the job.

It’s difficult, without a validated test such as the RELY TEST, to find out what attitudes toward punctuality, attendance, and initiative an applicant brings to the job. These are attitudes that are difficult to ask about in an interview without “telegraphing” the answers that will please the interviewer, and yet attitudes toward work ethic often drive behavior on the job. The RELY TEST asks every applicant the same questions, in the same way, every time it is administered, and it does so in a work-relevant and non-threatening way.

The RELY TEST is a fast and easy way to get an understanding of the attitudes that a new employee brings to the job about basic reliable work behavior.  This gives the employer the best opportunity to educate new employees in the behavior standards that are expected on the job.

The RELY TEST results reports provide information and tips about attitudes that raise concern about potential on-the-job behavior so that you can explore those attitudes (or self-reported previous behavior) during an interview.​

The RELY TEST is available in four versions:

For hourly positions in banks and credit unions where attendance and punctuality are required.

For hourly positions in all industries where attendance and punctuality are required.

For hourly positions in all industries where attendance and punctuality are required. RELY-PLUS includes bonus open-ended questions about work ethic that service as the basis for a structured interview.

For hourly positions for the temp and temp-to-hire industries where attendance and punctuality are required.

Training new employees in how to demonstrate reliability and dependability on the job is easier with the RELY TEST's RELY-ability Training Program.  This is a self-administered, highly focused training tool that drives home the message that being reliable and dependable benefits the new employee as much as it benefits the company.

The RELY-Ability Training Program explains to new-hires, in concrete terms, what the person must do to be reliable and dependable, and it obtains a commitment from the new hire to strive to be the best employee he or she can be with a signed Pledge.​

Features of the RELY TEST:

  • Immediate, job-relevant information that helps you evaluate an applicant's reliability as an employee and gives you specific suggestions for questions in an interview;
  • Simple to use -- it is administered by internet by our SSL-secured web server, and can be taken in English or Spanish;
  • Fast to use -- it actually cuts down on interview time by gathering information from an applicant about attitudes and behavior that you will see on the job before the interview, and it takes only 10-15 minutes for the applicant to complete;
  • Inexpensive -- it costs less to hire people who can be reliable than to lose trained employees because you cannot depend on their attendance or punctuality;
  • Results and Interpretation Report for eachRELY TEST explains what the results mean, and the Admissions Report for each RELY TEST tells you exactly how to use the results in an interview with an applicant;


  • Reduce Turnover

The RELY TEST measures attitudes in three work areas that contribute most to turnover in entry-level jobs

  • Standardize Hiring Decisions

The RELY TEST uses validated, objective measurement of attitudes in job-relevant areas, and the Results Report includes suggestions for follow-up interviews questions to probe questionable attitudes

  • FREE TRAINING for new employees!

Include the RELY-Ability Training Program in your employee orientation program.  The online RELY-Ability workbooks are self-administered and take most people only about 15 minutes to complete.  Reviewing the new employee's answers with him or her creates the opportunity to clarify your company's policies and procedures, and obtains the new employee's commitment to them.


The RELY Results Reports are emailed within minutes of the completion of the questionnaire. The reports include:

  • Accuracy Rating  This section tells you how much effort the person made to answer questions in order to present his or her attitudes in the most positive way. You will receive a Quick Reference Guide that helps you see how the Accuracy Rating may affect the person’s attitude results.
  • Reliability Attitudes  This section tells you what attitudes toward being on time, coming to work as scheduled, and doing quality work on the job an applicant brings to your company from the first day of employment. The Quick Reference Guide discusses what the ratings of attitudes, “poor”, “good”, and “exceptional” mean.
  • Admissions Report  This section shows you any admissions of attitudes or behavior at a previous job that indicate possible unreliability in this person’s future behavior. The Quick Reference Guide will give you suggestions about what to do about admissions.
  • Interview Guide  A free Interview Guide is included that helps you probe attitudes in a follow-up interview by asking questions that don’t “telegraph” the answers that will reassure you to the applicant.

For less than $10 per person, you can begin immediately to include objective, job-relevant, and valid evaluation of your applicants' work ethic.