Is it important to know whether an applicant is likely to be an honest employee? Whether an applicant has difficulty controlling his temper on the job, or brings a basically disrespectful attitude toward co-workers to the job?

If so, then you need to know more about the Work Attitude Questionnaire!

The Work Attitude Questionnaire helps you learn about job-relevant attitudes that affect a person’s work behavior and that can increase the risk that he or she will act inappropriately on the job. The Work Attitude Questionnaire evaluates a person’s attitudes toward four basic, work-related attitudes:

  • Employee integrity and theft
  • Substance abuse that affects work performance
  • Temper control in the work place
  • Respect for others on the job

Benefits of the Work Attitude Questionnaire include:

  • Improves hiring decisions by asking difficult questions about sensitive work-related issues in a consistent, confidential way. It’s difficult to find out what attitudes toward employee honesty, temper control, and respect for the job and for others that an applicant brings to the job. These are sensitive areas, and many interviewers are uncomfortable asking about them. The Work Attitude Questionnaire asks every applicant the same questions, in the same way, every time it is administered, and it does so in a work-relevant and non-threatening way.
  • Begins to educate new employees about your company’s behavior standards from the very beginning of employment. The fact that you want to know what attitudes a person brings to the job regarding employee integrity, substance abuse on the job, temper control, and respect for others on the job sends a powerful and clear message to new employees. And that’s not all! The Work Attitude Questionnaire includes a follow-up “Work Pledge” document to give to new employees to get their training off on the right foot.
  • Streamlines the selection process by using the applicant’s time, not yours, to provide fast results. The Work Attitude Questionnaire is web-administered at our SSL-secured server. It takes most applicants about 10 minutes to complete.
  • Results are delivered within minutes by email directly to your designated recipients.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • FREE telephone user support. Call us with questions about the results that you see; there’s no charge for our user support!


The Work Attitude Questionnaire Results Report is emailed within minutes of the completion of the questionnaire. The report includes:

Accuracy Rating

This section tells you how much effort the person made to answer questions in order to present his or her attitudes in the most positive way. You will receive a Quick Reference Guide that helps you see how the Accuracy Rating may affect the person’s attitude results.


This section shows you any admissions of inappropriate behavior that the person made on the Work Attitude Questionnaire. The Quick Reference Guide will give you suggestions about what to do about admissions.

Work Related Attitudes

This section presents a risk rating (from high to low) for each of the four areas of employee honesty and integrity, substance abuse on the job, temper control, and respect for others. The Quick Reference Guide discusses what the four risk ratings mean.

Interview Questions

This section helps you conduct a follow-up interview with the applicant by displaying the questions that the applicant responded to in a way that raised concern about work-related attitudes. The Quick Reference Guides gives you suggestions for how to use the Work Attitude Questionnaire results in follow-up interviews.

For less than $10 per person, you can begin immediately to include an objective evaluation of the important attitudes that drive appropriate workplace behavior in your selection and hiring process!