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Employment Tests

Employment tests are objective and validated tools that measure aspects of a person's job-relevant knowledge, skills, or attitudes.  Employment tests add objective, job-relevant information to everything else that is known about a candidate.

We have employment and personality tests for candidates and employees at every level, from executives, senior and intermediate managers, supervisors, individual contributors, skilled labor, and entry level hourly employees.  Our employment tests can be used in all industries.

  • All of our tests are validated
  • All of our tests meet or exceed EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures

Personality Assessment

Companies use personality assessment for key employees, supervisors, managers, and executives to learn how an individual's personality characteristics drive work style preferences and management performance.

Our personality assessment products are based on validated, work-relevant personality tests that were developed and validated by Dr. Kurt Helm, and that have been in use by companies throughout the United States since 2000.  Dr. Helm has been providing personality assessment services since 1979.

Our personality evaluations are job-relevant, professionally reviewed, and include friendly, growth-oriented, and personalized developmental guides for new employees that are based on their unique personality preferences.

Consulting Services

Our mission is to improve the quality of employment, promotion, and development decisions that our clients and customers make.  Organizations and their employees benefit most when there is a good match between the job and the person who fills it.

When those productive working relationships run into trouble, or begin to break down, we offer a range of consulting services that focus on long-term solutions.  Drawing on almost 40 years of experience working with businesses and organizations of all sizes, Dr. Helm offers consulting expertise to maximize the performance of "people" assets and help employees achieve their full performance potential.

We offer a free initial consultation; contact us at no obligation to learn what we can do to help you.