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Four Easy Ways to Boost Employees’ Self-Confidence

Whether you’re the CEO or a first-line supervisor, one of your most important responsibilities is to foster the development and competence of people that you supervise. This may entail teaching and evaluating the skills that an employee masters, or it may mean that...

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Stress – And What to Do about It

We live in a busy world, with deadlines, demands on our attention, and lots of noise all around us. Coping with the pressure that all these demands and interruptions can cause can leave us feeling stressed – that is, distracted, somewhat agitated, or liable to erupt...

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Why Use Employment Tests

  We’ve been in the business of developing, validating, and providing employment tests for over 35 years – and that includes everything from full personality assessment for executive and c-suite level candidates to applicants for entry-level clerical and service...

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Some Thoughts about Re-Vamping Paid-Time-Off Policies

I remember once seeing a bumper sticker that read, “OH NO! NOT ANOTHER LEARNING OPPORTUNITY!” I sometimes feel that way as we emerge into the changes in our economy that the pandemic has brought. One of those changes, which was probably already underway before March...

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How to Choose an Employment Test

Are you thinking that you’d like to include an employment test of some kind in your selection or promotion decision-making process? The problem you likely have is that you aren’t sure which test or tests are the right ones for your company. You may even have listened...

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