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3 Simple Ways To Sabotage Teamwork

Teams are made up of individuals, and each member of the team brings his and her preferred work style to the team's task. The fact that everyone on the team is assigned to the same project and shares the team's common goal does not automatically turn them into a...

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Helping Managers Develop Good Habits

Good And Bad Habits A habit is an acquired behavior pattern that is so ingrained that it has become almost involuntary. Whether the habit is “good” or “bad” depends mostly on the effect the behavior has on other people; if the behavior causes anxiety, confusion, or...

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Three Poisoned Promotions and How to Prevent Them

Poisoned promotions are those promotions that are doomed from the start because the person who is promoted isn’t capable or qualified for the new position.  Now, I know that no one intends to promote a person who cannot handle the new job, but I have seen it many...

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How to Be a Better Interviewer

Most people who interview job applicants feel that they are pretty good at interviewing. They might have been a bit anxious the first time they had to interview someone, but the second interview went better, and the third better than that. By the time they had reached...

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