Increase Productivity by Bringing Back the “Thank You” Card

You may be thinking, “I remember the old days when using the postal service to send “thank you” cards was standard practice,” while others are thinking, “Isn’t that what email is for?” Yes, saying thank you in an email is quick and straight to the point, but it is just one email of hundreds the person may receive that day. Sending out a mass email expressing your gratitude to the accounting department doesn’t say that you really appreciate the long hours they put in during tax season. It says, “I’ve checked that box – the obligatory email was sent.”

Saying thank you is a way to express your gratitude for what the team did, but it also makes the individual feel special for what he or she contributed to the company. What better way to make someone feel special than to open the mailbox and see an envelope with your own name on it that doesn’t contain junk mail or a bill?

It’s not just “thank you” cards that have this effect. Here are other ideas that boost morale during difficult times, or recognize extra effort or accomplishments:

• Work anniversary – include a personal message thanking them for a few of their accomplishments from the past year. This makes you more than just a name in an email signature.

• Work milestone achievements – when an employee reaches a goal, such as a sales goal, send him or her a thank you card along with a framed certificate of achievement. This is in addition, of course, to regular announcements in a company newsletter/email chain.

• Has a customer contacted you with a compliment about an employee? Pass that along with your personal thanks in a card.

• Personal milestone achievements – when an employee gets married or has a child or grandchild, send a congratulation card.

A sincere gesture of recognition helps each person on the team feel that they are seen and appreciated and, as a result, their commitment and productivity often increases.