The COIN TEST is designed for retail and service industries and measures a person's understanding of basic U.S. currency, and ability to use information about that currency to quickly and accurately solve problems, such as money-handling interactions that are typical of retail operations.

Modern cash registers and other business equipment now handle making change for customers, but clerks still need to understand currency relationships in order to solve customers' problems.  Above all else, the COIN TEST measures a person's ability to think and solve problems accurately even while distracted, and it does so by asking questions about typical, and fairly simple, retail transactions.

The COIN TEST is a fast and easy way to get an understanding of how quickly a prospective employee can learn to do a job, and how quickly and well he or she will learn new procedures and tasks on the job when those tasks change.

The COIN TEST is available in five industry-specific versions:

For use in general retail settings; questions are phrased to include many kinds of retail operations.

CONVENIENCE STORE COIN TEST is customized so that questions focus on typical transactions in c-stores. 

DRUG STORE COIN TEST is customized so that questions focus on typical transactions in full-service pharmacies and drug stores. 

GROCERY STORE COIN TEST is customized so that questions focus on typical transactions in full-service groceries. 

RESTAURANT COIN TEST is customized so that questions focus on typical transactions encountered by servers and cashiers in restaurants and food service. 

Features of all versions of the COIN TEST:

  • Simple to use -- it is administered by internet by our SSL-secured web server, 24/7/365, and all versions can be taken in English or Spanish;
  • Fast to use -- the test-taker has 13 minutes to answer as many questions accurately as he or she can, and results are available immediately on your administrator's account, and by email to you within 10 minutes.
  • Convenient to use -- it actually cuts down on interview time by evaluating the applicant's aptitude to learn before the interview;
  • Inexpensive -- it costs less to hire people who will be able to learn and perform job duties than to lose trained employees because of repeated mistakes, loss of customer confidence, and extended training needs;
  • Results and Interpretation Report for each COIN TEST explains what the results mean in these areas:
    1. 1. Standardized overall SCORE allows you to compare one person's aptitude with all others who have completed COIN TESTS;
    2. 2.  What the Results Mean:  an explanation of what this person's score means in terms of learning on the job and handling details accurately;
    3. 3. Work Style:  a description of this person''s likely overall work style on the job in terms of dealing with pressure and maintaining accuracy;
    4. 4. Placement Suggestions:  suggestions about where to place this person for optimum performance;
    5. 5. Training Tips:  specific tips for training this person to help overcome liabilities indicated by COIN TEST results.


  • Reduce Turnover

The COIN TEST measures the basic aptitude of being able to learn and use information to solve problems.  Reduce turnover by not hiring people who cannot learn or do the job successfully.

  • Standardize Hiring Decisions

The COIN TEST uses validated measurement of aptitude in the job-relevant area of currency awareness and problem solving, giving you an objective way to compare applicants.

  • ​Customize Placement and Training

Use the customized placement and training suggestions from the COIN TEST Results Report to focus on what the new employee will benefit from the most.

For less than $10 per person, you can begin immediately to include objective, job-relevant, and valid information in your selection and hiring process for all credit union employees who have contact with your credit union's members!