Enhanced Team Building

Teams are made up of individuals, and each member of the team brings his and her preferred work style to the team's task.  We each have personal preferences that are formed from the combination of personality characteristics, life experiences, values, and much more.  When any of these preferences differ significantly from the preferences of other team members, they can result in profound misunderstandings of one another.

The fact that everyone on the team is assigned to the same project and shares the team's common goal does not automatically turn them into a well-oiled machine.  We all like to think that we can "get along with anyone" but we often add--if only to ourselves--"with a few exceptions!"  If the "exceptions" show up on your team then, in spite of your good intentions, you may have difficulty setting aside differences in order to work together effectively.

Effective teams learn to function together well in spite of differences. Executive coaching for team building teaches team members how to accept their differences without judgment, how to navigate around different preferences, and how to reframe the "potato vs poe-tah-toe" issue into a recognition of different perspectives that can enhance the team's effectiveness.

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