We've seen many of our customers assume that applicants have the minimum basic job-relevant knowledge that they will need to perform, but often they do not!  Even more important than what a person knows is how well he or she can use basic information to solve problems.

The ability to use information to think about and solve problems is what we call "Practical Intelligence"
and that is what the General Information Appraisal measures.

The General Information Appraisal measures the general knowledge and thinking skills that are required for effective job performance. The General Information Appraisal is effective, moreover, for job applicants at all levels because it has been normed for both salaried and for entry-level employees.

For Entry-Level Candidates:
The General Information Appraisal that is normed for entry-level candidates can be used as a stand-alone employment test that helps you understand how well and how quickly an employee is able to learn, to think for himself or herself, and to solve problems.

The General Information Appraisal Results Report focuses on four key areas:


The General Information Appraisal score comes from weighted scoring rules that are based on over 75,000 tests during the last 17 years.


This section explains what the SCORE means in comparison to all others who have taken the General Information Appraisal.


This section describes the person’s work style on the job; for example, will this person work quickly and accurately, or will this person work more deliberately?


This section includes suggestions for specific training that will help this person learn new tasks and procedures more quickly and thoroughly. The training tips are customized – that is, they are based on this person’s SCORE and pattern of correct and incorrect answers.

For management and executive level:
The General Information Appraisal can be used as a stand-alone employment test for candidates for supervisory, entry-level management, and even executive level evaluation of the candidate's "practical intelligence" -- that is, his or her ability to use information to solve problems under pressure.

The General Information Appraisal, used at for candidates at these levels, is incorporated into the Management Potential Assessment or the Performance Profile Assessment.

Benefits of the General Information Appraisal:

  • Improves hiring and placement decisions

By giving you an objective, job-relevant, and valid measure of an applicant’s basic knowledge and thinking skills

  • Standardize hiring and promotion decisions

By providing a consistent measure that lets you compare each applicant’s knowledge and thinking skills

  • Give supervisors practical tips for managing new employees

Training tips and placement suggestions are provided with every Results Report

  • Fast and easy to administer

The General Information Appraisal is administered over the Internet.  It takes only 12 minutes, and can be administered in either English or Spanish.

  • Results reports are delivered within minutes

By email directly to your designated recipients

  • FREE telephone user support

Call us with questions about the results that you see; there's no charge for our user support!

For less than $10 per person, you can begin immediately to include an objective evaluation of candidates' ability to learn and use information to solve problems.