Improved Management Style

Bad habits seldom pop up, full-blown, overnight.  They usually start in small ways, as minor lapses in judgment that are easily excused by circumstances.  If they are not nipped in the bud, they can become bad habits that become an automatic part of the person's management style.

They can have a negative effect on morale, so our reporting relationships, and end up diminishing both individual and team productivity.

What's more, it's hard to be aware of one's bad habits!  We are too close to the forest sometimes to see the trees.  It often takes an objective, outside observer to be able to see past the "wallpaper" of everyday interactions and identify disruptive management habits.

Executive coaching helps key managers and executive learn how to be aware of their management habits that are disruptive.  Call (800-886-4356) today to learn how executive coaching can help key managers and executives monitor their own behavior so that they can identify and change disruptive habits.