Reality Check Technology

What is "Reality Check Technology"?

Have you ever wondered whether the answers that people choose on a personality test or attitude survey are even close to what they really believe?  You're not alone!  This is a problem that the people who create pre-employment tests have struggled with for years.

Now, we have a solution to this problem:  "Reality Check Technology"!

"Reality Check Technology" does two things:

  • It measures the extent to which the test-taker tries to make a good impression in the answer choices that he makes;
  • It adjusts the results-according to empirically developed decision rules-to take into account the degree of distortion that his desire to "look good" had on all his answers.

What is the result of "Reality Check Technology?"

Our "Reality Check Technology" is an empirically developed and field-tested process that is built in to the results that you see for the Bank Customer Service Survey.

This means that you can be sure that the results you see on the Bank Customer Service Survey Results Report more closely reflect the test-takers's actual attitudes about the critical area that affect customer service behavior: cross selling, complaint handling, and friendliness.