Universal Banking Assessment

The Universal Banking Assessment (UBA) is a validated assessment tool that measures the candidate’s skills and attitudes that contribute to success in universal banking positions in banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.  The UBA gives objective information about a candidate’s:

· Practical Intelligence & Ability to Learn    


· Customer Service Potential                                


· Cross Selling Awareness           


· Handling Complaints and Problems          


What Are the Benefits of the Universal Banking Assessment?

The Universal Banking Assessment helps you make better hiring decisions because it gives you objective information about a person’s suitability for a universal banking position.


The Universal Banking Assessment identifies attitudes that may hinder a potential employee’s ability to perform well as a universal banker, and gives you specific ways to coach the employee to overcome liabilities.

The Universal Banking Assessment engages the employee in the process of taking actions that will lead to more effective performance on the job by giving them customized feedback and Tips, Tools, and Techniques.

What Is Universal Banking and

Why Do I Need to Assess a Candidate for It?

Universal banking positions go by many names, such as retail banker, personal banker, concierge banker, customer representative, relationship banker, associate banker, and more.  What these job titles have in common is an emphasis on customer-focused service that makes it possible for a customer to interact with only one person to handle multiple transactions and questions.

The Universal Banking Assessment (UBA) measures the four critical factors that successful universal banking performance is built on, and tells you about a candidate’s strengths and liabilities in those four areas:

  • Practical Intelligence and Ability to Learn: Does your candidate have the ability to learn the procedures, products and services that he or she will represent to customers?
  • Customer Service Potential: Does your candidate have the willingness and tolerance to spend most of his or her time interacting with customers, starting conversations, and extending a friendly helping hand?
  • Cross Selling Awareness: Is your candidate willing to look for opportunities to offer products or services to a customer that will fit the customer’s needs?
  • Handling Complaints and Problems: Does your candidate have the willingness to listen calmly and objectively to customer complaints, and to use empathy to help solve underlying problems?

Who Should Use the Universal Banking Assessment?

Banks, credit unions, and financial institutions who want to select and train excellent universal bankers should use the UBA.

The Universal Banking Assessment is the selection and training tool of choice because:

How Does the Universal Banking Assessment Work?

We create a confidential account for you on our SSL-secured and encrypted web site.  You are given access to an administrative account where you can:

  • review previous test results
  • manage your account
  • prepare activity reports
  • request password changes.

We provide you with a re-usable login credential to be given to your candidates that administers a Universal Banking Assessment.  You receive two reports for each completed session:

  • The Results Report gives you the individual’s results first as an overview, for quick scanning, and then in detailed form for deeper understanding.  It includes supervisory tips that are based on the individual’s strengths and needs for improvement.
  • The Development Report gives feedback to a new employee who completed a Universal Banking Assessment. It answers the question, “How did I do on that test I took?” and it does so in constructive language with practical tips.

You will have unlimited access to six brief (less than 3 ½ minutes) videos that explain what the UBA measures, what’s in each report, and how to use the reports.  These videos can be used to maintain consistency of use of the UBA by your HR staff, and you’ll also receive a User’s Manual for reference.

Features of the Universal Banking Assessment:


The UBA measures key attitudes that underpin excellent customer service, and the ability to learn, to solve problems, and attention to detail

Takes about 25 minutes to complete at our SSL-secured web site

Produces a Results Report that shows you the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in the four areas measured by the UBA

Includes practical tips for supervisors that are based on this person’s strengths and liabilities

Produces a Development Report that gives a new employee constructive feedback about his or her results

 Should be used in addition to all other job-relevant information about the candidate

Our Reality Check Technologytm assures that the candidate’s results are an accurate reflection of his or her attitudes

Is It Legal to Use the Universal Banking Assessment?

Yes, properly used, job-relevant and validated tests are a fast, fair, accurate, and legal means to better selection, placement, and promotion decisions.  The better the match between a person’s measured skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes, and the requirements for the job, the more likely the person in that job will work productively and successfully.

There are two key criteria that employment tests must meet.  Tests must be 1) properly validated, and 2) job-relevant.  If they meet these criteria, then it is legal to use them.  The UBA Validation Study is available upon request from Helm and Associates, Inc.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission publishes Uniform Guidelines that list the specific criteria that must be met.  You should also be familiar with state employment laws that may affect the use of employment tests; each state has an Employment Commission that can answer your questions about relevant state law.

The UBA meets or exceeds the U.S. EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines, as well as the American Psychological Association’s Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.


At a price of $24.95 per UBA or less, you learn about a candidate’s ability to learn and pay attention to details that matter, as well as his or her customer-oriented willingness to answer questions, and offer products and services that will help solve customers’ problems.

We have several purchase plans to choose from:

We have other price points to fit your specific needs.

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Do you need to be able to budget annually for testing expenses?  We can customize a subscription price for you, with unlimited use of the Universal Banking Assessment.  Contact us to create the ideal plan for you!

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